He tari rōia kua raupātia ngā ringa i ngā pukahu.

A law firm whose hands are calloused by its many tasks/undertakings - Api Mahuika, 2011.

KĀHUI LEGAL is a specialist law firm working at the forefront of Māori development with unparalleled experience and expertise in legal issues that affect Māori and the interface between iwi and Māori organisations and the Crown, local government and other entities. We specialise in providing legal services in areas including Treaty of Waitangi claims and settlement negotiations, governance, litigation and dispute resolution, corporate and commercial law, public law, resource management, criminal law, Māori land law, regulatory compliance, indigenous intellectual property rights, mātauranga Māori protection and recognition, Māori intellectual property and trade mark strategy and protection.

KĀHUI LEGAL was established as a legal partnership in 2003. Our experts come from a range of legal backgrounds, including from the senior ranks of large corporate law firms. Our senior lawyers are recognised experts in their fields and are supported by a team of specialist solicitors.

Our goal is to provide specialist legal services of the highest quality that advance the Māori economy and the future wellbeing of Māori. We are driven to ensure our clients receive the very best advice and achieve their desired outcomes.


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